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Chris Gurnee

Designated Broker, Owner

License Number: 26577

Leading a team with over four decades of real estate experience, Chris Gurnee’s well-established reputation has made him a frontrunner in the Seattle real estate market. As a born-and-raised Seattle native, Gurnee’s success is built on his unparalleled market knowledge, expert negotiation skills, and first-class marketing that sets the standard for luxury in the Seattle marketplace and beyond. As a broker for over 11 years, his business is comprised of many repeat clients and referrals who have had the opportunity to witness his skills firsthand. Distinguished buyers and sellers trust Gurnee to guide them through every step of the transaction process and achieve above-market results under his masterful guidance. Due to transacting nearly 300 sales across the entire Seattle area – and successfully representing more than $75 million in real estate – Gurnee has earned a reputation for phenomenal results with both buyers and sellers. He is committed to ensuring those seeking to sell or purchase homes in Seattle can do so in the most enjoyable, hassle-free way possible. Gurnee’s greatest honors are his longstanding relationships with his valued clients. They are quick to note his professionalism, attention to detail, unwavering integrity, and relentless drive to deliver unmatched service. He is best known for pinpointing the perfect buyer or property quickly to produce the best results in a timely manner. His office has received the Five Star Professional award for the past four years, which recognizes top-notch customer service in the industry as voted by members of the community. His expertise extends beyond traditional home sales – Gurnee also has experience working in a variety of niche markets including investment, multi-family, rehab, pre-foreclosure, REO, and retirement properties.

Dan&Jackie Rector

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Ivan Blanco

License Number: 116753

He could have been a rock star, but instead, Ivan Blanco took his inimitable talents back to high school—this time, as an English teacher. Rather than jamming with the Stones or helping David Lee Roth pick the brown M&M's out of his candy bowl, he sacrificed the way all educators are expected to do: become "the Catcher in the Rye" for someone else's children while their own pay the price. And rather than chase his own dreams, he read about the dreams of others and shared them with his students. While he felt fulfilled helping others, the lack of upward mobility began to eat away at his passion for the classroom. He was resigned, like so many educators sadly become. That is, until Martin Luther King, Jr. day in 2014, when all of that resignation led to an enlightening conversation with a longtime friend who had opened his own real estate brokerage. He too had been a teacher, but entering real estate, he seemed more fulfilled now than at any time since. "Don't you miss the classroom?" Ivan asked over lunch that day. "Don't you miss helping people?" His friend smiled that familiar wry smile Ivan had known for 20 years. "I still help people, brother," he said. "Only now I help them achieve their dreams rather than just telling them about them." Ivan knew he had to make a change, and, as his 31st birthday barreled closer, it became apparent that the time for that change was now upon him. So, with a typical teacher's savings of $1500 in the bank and a freshly minted real estate license, he left the school system at the end of the academic year and plunged headfirst into his new career. And soon, people saw the face behind the suit. They called Ivan "profé," – Spanish slang for "Professor," because he had adapted his teaching skills to become their body of knowledge for any and all real estate needs. He was their guy – he was their Real Estate Professor. All that work paid off in time, and in his first year, Ivan closed more business than any first-year agent at his brokerage had ever closed. He never quit, even when a deal seemed to be on its last legs, because he knew he had people's trust in his hands. And he also took his earned title as The Real Estate Professor seriously. No, Ivan never got to be the 5th Beatle, but hey – he can say now that these are the best of times. He's the new catcher in the rye. They call him "Professor," and sometimes "Profé," because it's not just his job to deliver results, but to ensure his clients feel empowered about their choices today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives. That's the work of an A+ Realtor. That's the trusted guidance of a friend. And that's the uniqueness of Ivan Blanco, The Real Estate Professor.

Kendra Grieco


Luca Andolina


Nick Jones



Comes from a family whose history in the greater Seattle area spans more than 50 years in the construction industry. Growing up around a job site – watching new homes rise from the ground and old houses transform under the hands of skilled builders – set the foundation for his career. Nick earned his bachelor’s degree in audio engineering in 2005, and spent 2006-2008 traveling and living abroad in central China. Upon returning to Seattle, he continued working in the family business by day while producing at the legendary Robert Lang Studios by night. Both vocations helped him build a professional acumen that includes extreme attention to detail, knowledge of houses and home construction, and an ability to work well with others. Nick is adept at guiding clients confidently through the home-selling and home-buying process in the fast-paced Seattle housing market.

Robin Lessley



Sierra Larsen



Tom Rathjen & Tamera Dean